Keys to Performance


Our piano factory has invested more than $4 million in Italian fine-furniture finishing equipment. Every cabinet is polished to a smooth, deep, consistent finish through a process that includes a resin base coat applied prior to the finish. When you carefully examine interior components of the Paul A. Schmitt piano, you will discover all sides of the bottom and side panels have been finished. Our pianos use no plastic case parts in their construction.


Paul A. Schmitt piano hammers are made of premium-quality, stapled, virgin wool hammerfelt. Using 18 pound outer felt and 12 pound under felt weight depending on the scale design, the hammer is designed to give every level of pianist a full range of expression and still maintain its durability and long life.

Sand Cast Plates

Paul A. Schmitt pianos have sand cast plates that are heavier and, in fact, have a different molecular structure than piano plates utilizing vacuum processing. The Paul A. Schmitt process uses a natural cooling/aging process that dissipates the heat slowly, allows for complete curing and requires a more labor-intensive finishing process. As a result of our plates being heavier and almost acoustically dead by comparison, they allow for the pure rich tone associated with expensive European and American pianos rather than the unwanted overtones that are created by vacuum-processed plates. In addition, our pianos have a unique and beautiful plate color that enhances the overall appearance of our classic designs.

German Roslau Piano Wire with Hand-wound Copper Bass Strings

Roslau music wire is used in all Paul A. Schmitt pianos and is the same premium quality music wire found in the finest European and American pianos. It is the appropriate gauge to accompany the lower-tension scales employed by Paul A. Schmitt. Solid copper wire is used to wrap bass strings to provide a beautiful bass tone. These string features allow our pianos to deliver a consistent full, rich tone quality which until now was only available on far more expensive European and American pianos.

Omni-directional, All Spruce Soundboards

The soundboards on all Paul A. Schmitt pianos are made of Siberian Hybrid vertical-grain spruce with paper-thin epidermal surface to prevent cracking. Due to this epidermal surface of spruce, spruce construction throughout, the thicker center core of spruce and the 30 degree offset of the epidermal grain, vibrations are free to penetrate through the soundboard producing the rich, warm tones associated with Europe and America's finest quality pianos. The process assures a soundboard that resists cracks while maintaining beautiful tone throughout the life of the piano.

Piano Action

Our factory produces all of the actions for Paul A. Schmitt pianos, and uses tried-and-true, state-of-the-art materials in their construction.

Keys & Key Bed

The keysticks on all Paul A. Schmitt pianos are constructed of solid spruce, which eliminates sticking, enhances strength, and promotes long-lasting durability. The key bed is built of Euro-designed butcher-block construction providing strength, stability and long life. Our key beds have no plastic or Styrofoam components.

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